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    Car Satellite Radio

    Getting Started With Car Satellite Radio in Four Easy Steps

    The popularity of satellite radio is growing each year and for good reason. From the convenience of being able to listen to a favorite station from virtually anywhere without interruption and excellent sound quality to the wide variety of programming and less frequent commercial interruptions, the service is well worth the low monthly fee for many individuals.

    For those who want more entertainment than what traditional radio or their own private music collection can offer, the question that arises is not whether or not satellite radio is a good choice but how to get the service started.

    • Clearly, the first step in getting started with satellite radio is to select the service. While Europe has WorldSpace, the US uses two providers; Sirius and XM Radio. Both offer well over 160 channels of listening that is virtually commercial free. Pricing for both is in the neighborhood of $13 per month plus the cost of receivers and a small one time activation fee. Potential buyers can easily research the available programming through both Sirius and XM Radio via their respective websites and determine which subscription plan will meet their entertainment needs.

    For those who would prefer a side by side comparison of the two services a simple search on Google for "Sirius vs. XM" will reveal numerous sites that provide a current "at-a-glance" comparison of the two satellite radio providers.

    • Once the choice is made, equipment will be necessary as a satellite radio receiver will be required. This could include a home receiver, car stereo, plug-and-play type device for use in both the home and car, or perhaps a small personal listening device. This equipment can be available through many reputable home electronics stores as well as directly through Sirius or XM Radio.

    • Any necessary installation of receivers in a car or boat can be done professionally or as a do-it-yourself task. Sirius for instance provides detailed, simple written instructions for installation via their site; as well as a video demonstration of installation.

    • After the installation of any receivers, another visit online, or by telephone, allows new customers to activate the satellite radio service for the subscription plan selected.

    Obviously, getting started with satellite radio is not a complex process nor does it entail an exorbitant ongoing expense. Opening up the broader world of excellent radio entertainment is only a few mouse clicks away from reality for the listening public.