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    Guidelines for Acquisition of TV Programs




    (a) In consideration for the Telecast rights of the programme under the Provisions hereof, Doordarshan will pay to ________________ one time Acquisition-cum-Royalty charges @ Rs __________ per episode for multiple telecast during the period of three years.  In addition, Doordarshan will reserve the right to telecast the programme on any or all of its Regional Language (s) Satellite Channels without any extra payment.

    (b) Payment of consideration by Doordarshan in accordance with the aforesaid clause shall be the complete discharge of Doordarshan of its obligations towards any payment for the programme or its Telecast Rights and the ___________ shall have no other claim or demand on Doordarshan in respect of the grant of the Telecast Rights to the programme under short-term acquisition.  ________________________ shall be fully responsible for the due discharge and performance of the obligations and undertaking on his part.

    (c) All taxes/ Levies/charges whatsoever relating to payment of the consideration or part thereof shall be borne by and be to the account of the _____________________. ...continued..