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    Guidelines for Acquisition of TV Programs




    The concerned channel after having satisfactory technical quality of the tape will make the payment within 30 days of the acquisition of programme and its certification.  In case the tapes submitted are found to be unfit for telecast after one or two telecast but in terms of the agreement, the period of rights i.e. three years is yet to be over, ___________________ will be required to replace a tape with a technically acceptable tape free of cost.  ________________________ will be required to submit a performance Bank Guarantee of 10% of the transaction value for the period Doordarshan is granted rights for the programme. The validity of Bank Guarantee should be six months beyond the contracted/Acquired period.  In case of default by ____________ in replacing the effective tapes, or any other fault etc.  Doordarshan reserves the right to encash the Bank Guarantee after 30 days of giving a written notice to remedy the situation.

    5. TERM:
    This agreement shall come into force from 1st (First) Day of the signing the agreement acquisition of the programme tapes subject to satisfactory technical quality of the episodes hereof and will be valid during the Contracted/Acquired Period within which Doordarshan will have the right of multiple telecast the programme on its channels.  The short-term acquisition period for the programmes is three (3) years only on Non Excusive Basis.

    6. DELIVERY:
    (a) ______________ agree to submit all tapes of the programmes within 15 (Fifteen) days of the execution of this agreement.  In case if he falls to submit within 15 (Fifteen) days this agreement with ipso facto stand terminated.

    (b) ________________ will submit the telecast tape to Doordarshan on Betas SP along with VHS copy of the programme.

    (c) The date of signing the agreement and delivery, the tapes will; be read acquisition date.