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    Guidelines for Acquisition of TV Programs



    I. Costing Committee
    For short-term acquisition of software, the recommendations of the Evaluation-cum-Selection Committee will be final and there will be no Costing Committee as acquisition will be made at the rates given in Clause (j) below.  But in case of acquisition of perpetual rights, while pre-qualification bid will be processed by Evaluation-cum-Selection Committee at the Headquarters as well as Kendra in accordance with the duties assigned to them at clause (h) above, price bids in respect of the proposals short-listed by the Evaluation-cum-Selection Committee will be processed by the Costing Committee.  The composition of the Costing Committee at a Headquarters shall be as under:

    ADG/DDG in-charge of the Acquisition-Chairperson
    DDG (Commercial and Sales)
    One ADG/DDG of any other Channel
    DDG (Finance)
    Director of Programmes (Acquisition) - Convener
    Director (Commercial & Sales)/ Director (Marketing)
    Director Engineering (Headquarters)

    The Costing Committee at the Regional Kendras will be as follows.

    DDG in charge of the zone-Chairman
    Director of the Kendra
    Chief Producer
    Supdt. Engineer/Station Engineer
    Executive Producer/Dy. Director (Prog.)
    DDA (Finance & Admn.) / Sr. Admn. Officer

    In case of non-availability of Chairman of the Committee due to any reason, the senior most member will act as Chairman.
    J. Acquisition Charges for Short-term acquisition
    The following rates would apply to the acquisition to be made by DG: Doordarshan on short-term basis i.e. for a period of three years ...continued..