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    Guidelines for Acquisition of TV Programs



    L. Payments for Programmes with Perpetual rights
    Master tape of the programmes will have to be submitted by the producer along with the copyright agreement duly signed by the producer.  On submission of the above and other requisite documents and verification of technical quality of tape, payment to the extent of 90% of the transaction value will be released within 30 days and balance 10% within 90 days.

    M. Terms and Conditions of the Acquisition

    Acquisition will be considered with Doordarshan having non-exclusive rights for a minimum period of three years or perpetual rights on exclusive basis.
    Acquisition will be accepted with telecast rights for different DD Channels as mentioned in Clause (j) above.
    The acquisition charge mentioned in Clause (j) above would apply to short-term acquisition of a programme of the duration of the 22-1/2 minutes to 30 minutes.  For a programme of longer/shorter duration, rates would be worked out on pro rata basis.
    The producer will produce the programme of Beta SP format and will submit the telecast tape to Doordarshan on Beta SP along with a VHS copy of the programme.  In case of perpetual rights, the producer will submit the master tape as well in addition and sign an Agreement with Doordarshan passing on the copyrights.
    Programme should maintain excellence in both aesthetic and technical quality of production.  Technically it should conform to ITU-R specifications for video and chrominance levels: Typically maximum luminance.  1 volt P-P with 0.7 volts and 0.3 volts of sync.  Pulse Maximum Chrominance saturation = 100% (colour difference signal = 0.7 volts).  Audio level of the programme should be with in the range of -5 db              to +4 db.
    Length of opening and closing credit/title may be restricted to 30seconds.
    The acquisition rights would be for terrestrial and satellite channels and new emerging technologies such as DTT, DTH etc.  While for perpetual rights, even CD rights would also be included, short-term acquisition will include all the rights except CD rights.
    Any producer/production house who is guilty of giving incorrect/misleading information to Doordarshan in respect to his proposal is liable to be blacklisted.
    A producer/production house, who has any dues outstanding against him (except those whose cases are sub-judice /in arbitration) will either have to clear the dues or get the repayment plan approved before his programmes are considered for acquisition.
    Courts at Delhi shall alone have the jurisdiction to decide any dispute arising out of this Scheme, on the National Channels and the respective state capitals for regional language programmes.
    Doordarshan will be free to get the programmes so acquired dubbed in any language at its own cost. ...continued..