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    Guidelines for Acquisition of TV Programs




    (A) The________________ hereby agrees, declares, assures and confirms to Doordarshan that the ___________________ is the sole excusive and unencumbered and effective TV rights (Terrestrial, Satellite Domestic & Global) holder of the programme including the Telecast rights attached thereto.

    (B) The programme has not been telecast earlier on Doordarshan or any other     private channel in India or abroad.

    (C) The _______________________hereby confers and grants all the rights including the acquisition and retention of multiple screening rights and the telecasting rights of the programme to Doordarshan, for a period of 3 years from the date of signing the agreement and acquisition of the programme on any of the Doordarshan Channels on Non-Exclusive Basis (hereafter "Contracted Period").  It is agreed between the parties that in the event a competent court/s by its order, judgment, directions stay and / or restrain Doordarshan or the applicant from the telecast of the programme on any Channels, the contract period shall be extended by such period of stay and / or restrain operating upon such programme.

    (D) _______________ shall, at its own expenses, make available to Doordarshan ___________________-- brand new prints to the programme for the purpose of telecast in the Betacam format with ENGLISH commentary/presentation.  These prints shall be returned to the _________________ after expiry of the contracted period.

    (E) In the event of any objection/claim from distributor/s or TV rights holder or any outside party or parties against the telecast of the programme or its telecast rights,______________________ shall address such objection or claims and have the same cleared at his own costs, risks and consequences, in the manner that the Telecast rights are available to Doordarshan.

    (F) The rights to telecast each episode of the Documentary programme_____________________ for multiple telecast on various Doordarshan Channels including the Satellite Channels and DD-India shall be with Doordarshan for short- term acquisition period of three years.  In case one or more repeat telecasts cannot be made during the period of subsistence of this agreement, Doordarshan will be liberty to carry the repeat telecast for the period specified in Clause 5.

    (G) ______________ hereby confirm and declare that programme is produced by________________________ and that they have global terrestrial and satellite rights for the same.

    (H) _________________ ensures & declares that all the episodes are fresh and do not have clippings if any previous recordings.  In case of deviations, payment shall not be made. ...continued..