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    Open University Network

    The Distance Education Council (DEC) has taken several initiatives to develop the Open University Network. The programmes developed and produced by IGNOU are extensively used by the State Open Universities in the country.

    Efforts have also been made to evolve common standards for the products as well as processes (programme structure, credits, examination, grading, etc.) to facilitate student mobility across programmes as well as institutions through systems of credit transfer. Steps have also been initiated of credit transfer.

    Steps have also been initiated to frame norms and standards for the design, development and delivery of programmes in specific fields and to ensure their quality.

    Cost Effectiveness and Pertinence

    The Open University programmes have proved to be highly cost-effective. The current indications are that their cost   is much lower than  the cost normally incurred by the traditional system on comparable programmes.

    The open universities  arrive at lower costs  through economies of scale since a part of its fixed cost will get distributed over a larger number of students.

    The open universities in the country have generally developed their programmes and courses with a view to ensure that they are relevant to the economic and employment needs.

    Most of their programmes are very different from those offered by the traditional universities. They are designed and developed in several modules to assist the potential students to choose such modules. as they perceive, are relevant to their needs.

    On their part, the universities have also sought to diversify their course provisions and developed high quality multi-media open learning curriculum designed to meet the academic, technical and vocational needs of diverse student groups.

    A notable feature of these programmes especially those in the technical, vocational and professional areas is the close linkages with the industry and other employer groups, not only in designing and preparing the learning packages, but also in the delivery of various services to the students at the work place.

    The open university programmes offered by IGNOU have received international attention and recognition.