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    Education in India


    Initiatives and Status on Human Resource Development in Information Technology in Union States and Territories

    Andhra Pradesh

    Indian Institute of Information Technology set up along with IBM, Oracle, Satyam, Motorola Schools.

    •  MSIT Program with Carnegie Mellon University being launched.

    •  Indian School of Business with Wharton & Kellog School being set up.

    •  Centre for Good Governance being set up with DFID assistance.

    •  Wired schools being promoted.

    •  Universal Service Fund with revenue sharing mechanism for provision of PCs and Internet in schools and libraries.

    •  Web Site launched for the speedy dissemination of information like vacancy position in MBBS BDS, Engineering Admissions, Common Entrance Test results.  MCA, MBA etc.

    [Huge IT / Technical Education Infrastructure - 104 engineering colleges (32 in 1994-95), 414 BCA colleges (Nil in 1994-95), 116 CA colleges (44 in 1994-95)]


    •  Proposal for developing IT education facilities including selected High Schools and Higher Secondary Schools has been prepared.