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    Initiatives and Status on Human Resource Development in Information Technology in Union States and Territories



    •  Target to establish an IIIT at Patna. State Government ready to make available 6.11 acres of land and a built up area of approximately 34000 Sq.ft.

    •  The Government will strengthen the existing Engineering Colleges and Polytechnic institutions according to the requirement of IT and various courses (Post graduate / Under graduate / Diploma / Certificate courses as well) related to IT will be started on priority basis.

    •  Additional training institutions will be established to cater to the needs of Computer literacy for the officials / teachers / staff of universities & Colleges and for the teachers / staff of schools.  For this incentives sector and required basic infrastructure facilities will be provided to the private sector.

    •  Each category of teaching institutions will be provided with Internet services in various stages.  All departments of universities with in three years, all Colleges in five years and all schools in seven years.

    •  Technician level courses related to IT be also started in the Polytechnic institutions of the state for which necessary financial help is needed to create desired facilities.

    •  To achieve goal of "Universlization of Computer literacy" every school in the state will have to be essentially provided with a Computer system as additional facility so far computer related course content are actually taught in them.

    Chandigarh (UT)

    •  IT education being introduced in all Government schools from Class VI onwards.

    •  IT in vocational stream introduced at +2 stage in three Government schools.  Another three schools will be taken during the next academic session.

    •  Computer science being introduced as an elective subject at 10+2 level in a phased manner.

    •  Information on performance of students being assessable to their parents through Internet for improving academic efficiency.

    •  Web-site of the education department being developed.

    •  Computerization of Departmental examinations being taken up.