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    Initiatives and Status on Human Resource Development in Information Technology in Union States and Territories - Kerala



    •  State Institute of Educational Technology (SIET) Project has been made responsible for the planning, research, production and evaluation of educational softwares like video, audio programmes and computer multimedia.  It has an ambitious schemes to develop an Education Communication Floor (ECF) equipped with all available audio-visual devices and demonstrations of Education gadgets.  This ECF will be a unique type of communication lab where the Teachers and students may visit to have hands-on experiences on computer multimedia, Internet etc.

    •  Proposal to incorporate training for computer assisted instruction in the B.Ed / TTI curriculum.  Curriculum based software is being developed by the state department and will be provided to schools that have the facilities to use them.  There can also be district based software resource libraries from which schools can borrow CD-ROMs or cassettes.  It is expected that it will be possible to connect schools to the Internet in the near future.  Until then, Internet facilities will be provided to the DIET's which can act as a resource center for downloading instructional materials for the teachers.  Effective use of technology in the classroom by teachers will be rewarded with positive remarks during classroom evaluation.

    •  IIITM-K (Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management - Kerala) in November this year as a Centre of Excellence.

    •  The State Government has also decided to introduce computers in the schools curriculum.


    •  Provided Computer systems with multimedia and Internet facilities to teachers in all high schools.

    Madhya Pradesh

    •  Results of various competitive exams like Pre Engineering, Pre Medical, Pre Pharmacy etc.  made available online.