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    The development of these skills needs to be strengthened by introducing a clinical clerkship (where students actively take part in the management of patients) and reinforced during the internship 2 . It is commonly observed that the period of internship is not effectively utilised to develop and refine these skills. This period is more often utilised for preparation of postgraduate (PG) entrance examinations. This can be overcome by changing the schedule of PG entrance examinations and making them more suitable to testing higher level of knowledge and skills rather than mere recall of facts. It is a well-known fact that the way students learn is largely driven by the way they are assessed. Assessment system in medical education, therefore largely determines its product.

    Though the mastery of practical skills and problem solving ability are important, their assessment generally leaves a lot to be desired. It is essential to move away from the knowledge dominated examinations to more skill oriented examinations. There is a need to rationalize the examination system by giving due emphasis on the 'formative' or internal assessment, introduction of logbooks, and supplementing the traditional long/short case examination with more valid and reliable instruments for assessment of clinical skills like objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). The assessment should predominantly be based on the core curriculum and should be criterion referenced, i.e., the performance of students is assessed against a standard criterion and not just in comparison to others. The concept of criterion reference test implies that there is a corpus of knowledge or the standard of skill performance that the student must possess in order to qualify. In practice, most of the examinations in medicine are norm-referenced or peer-referenced because no clear criteria are laid down beforehand. A formal assessment at the end of internship can ensure proper utilisation of this period for development of skills. Feedback to students at every stage, throughout the training is important to help them improve their deficiencies. .....continued.....