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    Medical Education in India - Problems and Prospects


    The teaching medical faculty can set an example of dedicated public service which can be imbibed by and would have a lasting effect on impressionable undergraduates. The accountability and monitoring of the teaching faculty towards fulfillment of their teaching responsibilities is a sensitive but very important issue. In the West, teachers are not only accountable to the Institutes but to the students as well. The students are encouraged to evaluate the performance of their teachers and provide useful feedback to the latter for improvement. The issue of capitation fees and privatisation of medical education needs mention. Private medical colleges have come up throughout the country and measures are required to ensure their proper regulation by the medical council. It is a well known fact that the doctor: population ratio has already exceeded that required by the country and there is mal-distribution of their services. The menace posed by the growing merchandisation of medical education has to be warded off and efforts should be made to ensure maintenance of standards and check the unplanned growth of substandard medical colleges.