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    Tuition Fee Structure in Private Medical Colleges

    (1) In pursuance of Medical Council of India (Norms and Guidelines for fee and Guidelines for admission in Medical College, Regulations 1994, the Central Govt. vide its letter dated 15.5.1997 fixed the following upper ceiling of fee for merit and payment seats in private medical college, valid for 3 years starting from the academic year 1997-98.

    Payment Seats : An amount of Rs. 1.10 lakhs per student per annum shall be payable as fee. Out of this amount a sum of Rs.20,000/- per student, per annum (fixed) in case of colleges which do not have their own hospital facilities, and Rs. 7,000/- per student per annum (fixed) in case of colleges having partial hospital facilities will be paid back to the Govt./ authority running the hospital utilised by such medical colleges.

    Free/Merit Seats : Rs.13,000/- per student per annum shall be payable as fees.

    (2) The Central Govt. has considered the various aspects of the matter and has decided that the fees for merit/payment seats in private medical/dental colleges, as also the payments to be made to the attached hospitals, be increased by 15 per cent over the fees fixed in 1997, as spelt out in para 1 above. The revised fees leviable in each State within that ceiling, will be notified by the State Governments. The revised fee structure will be effective from the academic year 2000-2001 and will be valid for three years, after which it will be reviewed afresh in consultation with all concerned.