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    Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


    Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

    The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore the oldest and leading post-graduate and research centre in Science and Engineering.

    It has facilities in special fields which include Electronics and Communication Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Heat and Power Engineering, High Voltage Engineering, Power Engineering, Bio-Chemistry, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. A major Centre in Automation and Control Systems and another in Electronics Design Technology are in the process of establishment.

    Regional Engineering Colleges

    Fifteen Regional Engineering Colleges have been established in various States as a joint and co- operative enterprise of the Central and the State Governments concerned.

    Each Engineering College is functioning as an all-India institution admitting students and recruiting faculty from all parts of the country. Fifty percent of the admissions of these institutions (each of which is being equipped for a total annual students intake of 250) is reserved for students from the other States than the ones in which they are located.

    In addition to the under-graduate courses these Colleges (which are academically affiliated to the Universities in the respective regions and administratively autonomous being managed by Board of Governors) also offer Post-graduate courses in various subject fields.

    A list of courses offered both at the Under- graduate and Post-graduate levels at these institutions is at Annexure 'F'. Special feature of some of these institutions are the industrially oriented Postgraduate courses in Engineering and Technology to train specialist Engineers for Design, Construction and Production work.

    State Colleges and University Departments - In addition to the above institutions offering courses at degree and post-graduate level, there is a wide net work of engineering colleges established and administered by the State Governments, Universities and private agencies; they are also affiliated to the respective Universities, and offer degree courses in a variety of subject fields. Some of them are more than a century old and have been pioneers in engineering education in the country.

    Many of these State colleges and University Departments are making significant contribution in the field of technical education. ....continued...