Info About Education in India





    UGC has no funds of its own. It receives both Plan and Non-Plan grants from the Central Government to carry out the responsibilities assigned to it  by law.

    It allocates and disburses full maintenance and development grants to all Central Universities, Colleges affiliated to Delhi and Banaras Hindu Universities and some of the institutions accorded the status of 'Deemed to be Universities'.

    State Universities, Colleges and other institutions of higher education, receive support only from the Plan grant for development schemes.

    Besides, it provides financial assistance to Universities and colleges under various schemes/programmes for promoting relevance, quality and excellence as also promoting the role of social change by the Universities.

    Institutions of Higher Education & Their Growth, Enrolment and Faculty

    As on 31.3.2009, there were 364 Universities including 18 Central Universities, 221 State Universities, 105 deemed Universities and 5 institutions established under State Legislation and 13 Institutes of National Importance.

    There were 17625 colleges, of which 5386 have been recognized by the UGC under Section 2(f) and 12(B) of the UGC Act.

    In 2004-05, an estimated 104.81 lakh students were enrolled in the institutions of Higher Education as against 99.54 lakh in the previous year and the faculty strength was 4.71 lakh as compared to 4.57 lakh in the previous year. ........ continued......