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    Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976

    9. Restrictions on acceptance of foreign hospitality
    No member of a Legislature, office-bearer of a political party, 1[Judge,]government servant or employee of any corporation shall, while visiting -any country or territory outside India, accept, except with the prior permission of the Central Government, any foreign hospitality:

    PROVIDED that it shall not be necessary to obtain any such permission for an emergent medical aid needed on account of sudden illness contracted during a visit outside India, but, where such foreign hospitality has been received, the person receiving such hospitality shall give, within one month from the date of receipt of such hospitality, an intimation to the Central Government as to the receipt of such hospitality and the source from which, and the manner in which, such hospitality was received by him.

    10. Power of Central Government to prohibit receipt of foreign contribution, etc., in certain cases
    The Central Government may-

    (a) prohibit any association, not specified in section 4, or any person, from accepting any foreign contribution; ....continued