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    India Readership Survey 2012



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    About Indian Readership Survey (IRS)

    The Indian Readership Survey (IRS), started in 1997, is the largest ongoing process which draws its conclusions from a sample size of over 250,000 households across the country.

    The IRS is the preeminent single survey for media readership statistics. The prime objective of the study is to collect readership information from a cross-section of society in great detail, so as to present an accurate picture of readership patterns and habits.

    On the media front, it also captures information on television and cinema viewing habits, radio listening habits and Internet usage.

    IRS is conducted by MRUC (Media Research Users Council) and Hansa Research.

    To ensure that the research findings give you the whole picture, MRUC’s technical committee reviews the questionnaire from the users’ perspective, conducts back-checks and validates the data so that users get 'unbiased and representative information'.

    Modelled on internationally accepted annual sample spread, the IRS is the largest continuous readership research study in the world with an annual sample size exceeding 2.56 lakh respondents.

    Measures readership of newspapers and magazines
    Other media consumption; including television viewing, radio listening, cinema attendance and Internet usage. Expanded media measures such as time spent using different media and frequency of media usage; it provides an in-depth understanding of media behaviour.

    Demographic & Product usage
    IRS collects a comprehensive range of demographic information and provides extensive coverage of consumer and product categories, including cars, household appliances, household durables, household care and personal care products, food and beverages, finance and holidays.